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Some of the benefits of Medicare Supplement:

  • If you want lower premiums: Part C plans often have lower premiums than Medigap supplements. Some are as low as $0.
  • If you want to cap your health spending: Medicare Advantage plans have a $6,700 per year maximum. Once you hit that limit, the plan will pick up all expenses. Original Medicare has no out-of-pocket maximum.
  • If you want to eliminate the financial uncertainty of 20% co-insurance: Original Medicare Part B only picks up 80% of the cost.
  • If you want prescription drug coverage included: No need to buy Part D.
  • If you want dental and vision care: Original Medicare won’t cover these.
  • If you prefer all-in-one coverage: You’ll get all of your health care needs taken care of from one insurance carrier – so there aren’t so many moving “Parts”. That makes your health care much more convenient and easier to manage.


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